Welcome to the harbor of my games and music. Most games are in spirit of early 1980s creations. They feature simple graphics, depth, challenge and expect to develop skills or exercise the brain.

Now you find everything hosted here.

I provide HTML5 versions of the games for online play and for download. They should run in all common browsers, e.g. Pale Moon, Chromium, Opera, Firefox and Chrome. Hyperactive Soccer 2, Hyperactive Tennis, Curse Of Zipfelmuetz, Hyperactive Soccer and Schubi require WebGL.

For some games I also provide Android versions for download which I update rarely.

Make sure you read the License.

How to play downloaded HTML5 games.

Find solutions for my puzzle games here.

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Hyperactive Soccer 2 Game Proceed to the Hyperactive Soccer 2 Game (2019)
Hyperactive Tennis Game Proceed to the Hyperactive Tennis Game (2019)
Curse Of Zipfelmuetz Game Proceed to the Curse Of Zipfelmuetz Game (2018)
Hyperactive Soccer Game Proceed to the Hyperactive Soccer Game (2016)
Sandcastles Game Proceed to the Sandcastles Game (2016)
Peace Conference Game Proceed to the Peace Conference Game (2014)
Schubi Game Proceed to the Schubi Game (2012)

Joint Works

Presents Pursuit Game Proceed to the Presents Pursuit Game (2015)


Solutions for Peace Conference levels 1-47 (0.7MB,.pdf,local).

Solutions for Sandcastles levels 1-30 (13MB,.pdf,local).

Hintbook for Curse Of Zipfelmuetz .


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Find a selection of videos of my music tracks on the videos page.


Below find tracks I have made with a Novation Circuit. Also find one created with the TE Arcade PO 20. Its a mixture: There are lyrical pieces e.g. Missing, relaxing pieces e.g. Drowsing, tracks bordering chiptune e.g. Black Belt, humorous pieces e.g. Pig Race and bizarre tracks e.g. Dracula Driving.

Sorting based just on my own preference.

If you wonder how these tracks were done:

Used no DAW, for most tracks the default patches and samples and of course the rubber keys. Played out all the songs with this script. I consider the default patches good and multi purpose but they required a lot of macro knob tweaking time to arrive at the instruments. For newer tracks (Nocturne Fuze, Black Belt, Pig Race, Eruptions, Contentedness) I used the patch set from here (YT) (used old bank from dropbox) which I consider very useful. Its less multi purpose but definitely easier to arrive at the instruments. For most recent ones I switched back to the original patches (Escape Pod, Victory, Revolution, Desert, Good Night, Blazing Rackets).

To download the music files (ogg) just right-click on player, then "Save Audio As...".

Find my tracks below for listening and download. Also there is a selection of them on the videos page.

Novation Circuit

Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves: Enjoying autumn leaves and sun. Melancholic.

The part which defines the song starts at 0:46.


Drowsing: Ambient soothing chillout.

Ingame track of Peace Conference.


Missing: A song about loss. Sad.


Desert: Sand, dunes, sun, heat, wind, storm, danger.

Nocturne Fuze

Nocturne Fuze: Traces of classical music and beats.

Fused different ad hoc ideas together.


Victory: Played if you win a match in Hyperactive Soccer 2.

Black Belt

Black Belt: In tradition of The Way Of The Exploding Fist (C64).

Escalation at 2:25 :-)

Escape Pod

Escape Pod: Spacy.

Pig Race

Pig Race (revision 2): Childrens song. Sunny. Pigs.

Ingame track of Hyperactive Soccer 2.

Dracula Driving

Dracula Driving: Dracula driving bad, spreading chaos. Bizarre.

Utterly complex bassline :-)


Space: Vessel stranded in enemy territory.

Re-recording of "Distress Signal".

My first Circuit track.


Contentedness: At peace. Relaxing and soothing.

Ingame track of Peace Conference.

Blazing Rackets

Blazing Rackets: Happy tennis ball smashing.

Title track of Hyperactive Tennis.


Eruptions: Calm and outbursts.

Ingame track of Hyperactive Soccer 2.


Gunslinger: Italo western.


Witching: Dark, humorous ingame track of Curse Of Zipfelmuetz.


Farewell: Let go. A bit sad, some (circuit) piano.

Now Its Spring

Now Its Spring: Uplifting and relaxing walk in the nature.

Ingame track of Peace Conference.

Samurai Cowboy

Samurai Cowboy: Eastern Western. Out of tune lead.

Hey HeyHeyHeyHey Hey

Hey HeyHeyHeyHey Hey: 140 bpm dancefloor something.

Ingame track of Curse Of Zipfelmuetz.


Whisperers: Dreamy/Trance.

Good Night

Good Night (longer version): Lullaby.


Revolution: 90 seconds. Ingame track of Hyperactive Soccer 2.

Earth Defense Squad

Earth Defense Squad: At 3:34 scrambled a pattern.

Mutant Cop

Mutant Cop: Patroling the streets of Metropolis.

Mutant Cop Second Variety

Mutant Cop Second Variety: Tried to create a martial chorus.

Teenage Engineering Arcade PO 20

Accomplished Spook

Accomplished Spook: Ambient, dynamic.


Solutions to problems. Some with code (snippets).

Play a song (=sequence of sessions of certain pattern length) stored on a Novation Circuit by python script.

How to read Novation Circuit macro knob positions.

System Critic

Read about practices which were applied to my games. Maybe its common practice there (WTF!?). At least I did not knew and oppose against these practices.

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