Welcome to the harbor of my games and music. Most games are in spirit of early 1980s creations. They feature simple graphics, depth, challenge and expect to develop skills or exercise the brain.

Below you find Peace Conference (puzzle based on the four color theorem with twists), Hyperactive Soccer (fast 5-a-side soccer), Curse Of Zipfelmuetz (broom riding jump and run), Sandcastles (puzzle at the beach involving sandcastles and seastars), Schubi (gravity action in spirit of Thrust and Space Taxi), and Presents Pursuit (racing in the snow regaining christmas presents).

My subjective top three is: 1. Peace Conference (concept and puzzles), 2. Hyperactive Soccer (CPU opponent and replay value) and 3. Curse Of Zipfelmuetz (cute ruckus and music/sfx).

You can play the HTML5 versions on The Android versions of Peace Conference, Schubi and Hyperactive Soccer are available as free to play bundle on

The HTML5 versions should run in any WebGL capable browser, e.g. Firefox (I develop with it so its a safe bet), Opera, Vivaldi, Chromium and Chrome. The puzzles Peace Conference and Sandcastles should run nice on mobile.

Find solutions for the puzzles here.

You can reach the author through:


Find a beppigames channel for my music on YouTube.


Curse Of Zipfelmuetz Game Proceed to the Curse Of Zipfelmuetz Game (2018)
Hyperactive Soccer Game Proceed to the Hyperactive Soccer Game (2016)
Sandcastles Game Proceed to the Sandcastles Game (2016)
Peace Conference Game Proceed to the Peace Conference Game (2014)
Schubi Game Proceed to the Schubi Game (2012)

Joint Works

Presents Pursuit Game Proceed to the Presents Pursuit Game (2015)


Solutions for Peace Conference levels 1-47 (0.7MB,.pdf,local).

Solutions for Sandcastles levels 1-30 (13MB,.pdf,local).


Find below some of my tracks grouped by the device used for creation.

Find SIDs in HVSC (High Voltage SID Collection,, search for author=benedens). Find further PO 20 tracks in the Schubi and Peace Conference games. Find further Circuit tracks in the Curse Of Zipfelmuetz game, e.g. the prologue (nice flutes) or the ambient track of level 2.

Novation Circuit

Mutant Cop Second Variety

Mutant Cop Second Variety: Patrolling and upholding peace in the streets of Metropolis.

YT Video

Now Its Spring

Now Its Spring: Uplifting and relaxing walk in the nature.

YT Video


Missing: A song about loss.

YT Video


Witching: Dark, humorous ingame track of Curse Of Zipfelmuetz.

YT Video

Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves: Enjoying autumn leaves and sun. Melancholic.

YT Video


Drowsing: Ambient soothing chillout.

YT Video

Distress Signal

Distress Signal: Space opera. Vessel stranded in enemy territory.

YT Video

Earth Defense Squad

Earth Defense Squad. Dr. Who and Zoids had an influence (instruments).

YT Video

Teenage Engineering Arcade PO 20

Accomplished Spook

Accomplished Spook: Ambient, dynamic.

YT Video


Some of my code (snippets) which might be useful:

Play a song (=sequence of sessions of certain pattern length) stored on a Novation Circuit by python script.

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