Welcome to the harbor of my games. Most are in spirit of early 1980s creations.

I recommend to visit Peace Conference (puzzle based on the four color theorem with twists), Schubi (gravity action) and Hyperactive Soccer (5-a-side soccer).

All games are available as free to play html5 versions. Some are also available as Android versions which are paid games. Check out the html5 versions first to make up your mind.

The html5 versions should run in any WebGL capable browser, e.g. Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi and Chrome.

You can reach the author through (for reporting bugs or helping to improve any of the descriptions):



Schubi Game Proceed to the Schubi Game (2012)
Peace Conference Game Proceed to the Peace Conference Game (2014)
Sandcastles Game Proceed to the Sandcastles Game (2016)
Hyperactive Soccer Game Proceed to the Hyperactive Soccer Game (2016)

Joint Works

Presents Pursuit Game Proceed to the Presents Pursuit Game (2015)


I create tracks utilizing a Teenage Engineering Arcade PO 20 (no live playing/effects, all in sequencer). Find them in the Schubi and Peace Conference games. Below I post new tracks (as vid of the playing device):

Single Accomplished Spook

Accomplished Spook (revision 2)