Hyperactive Soccer 2

A fast-paced single- and two-player action oriented retro soccer game.

Tournament Tree


HTML5 WebGL capable browser required. Suggested to play in fullscreen (click the button "fullscreen" above the render area).




You play 5-a-side soccer against the CPU in one of three modes: In mode "tournament" you pick a team and play a tournament starting from the quarterfinal. A draw counts as defeat (there is no penalty shootout). The nations have different strengths, so for a start you may want to pick a stronger one. If you win the tournament, celebrations follow. In mode "friendly" you play a friendly match between two nations. Again, nations have different strengths. In mode "quick" you play a match with teams of exactly the same strength. For that purpose you select brain and speed levels which apply to both teams. Speed refers to speed of running and shot, brain refers to the rate at which the CPU, for the opponent and your team members currently not controlled by you, makes decisions.

For a two player match choose "2 PLAYER" from main menu.

Since this game is fast, to help you to adjust, you can select from different speed levels in all modes.


The game supports keyboard and 1-2 gamepads.

Menu select/Next screen Return (and Player 1 Shoot, see below)
Menu navigation Arrow keys, Gamepad1 sticks/pads
Back to title screen B, BACKSPACE
Player 1: Shoot X, M, PLUS (on the numeric keypad), Gamepad1 buttons
Player 1: Running around Arrow keys, Gamepad1 sticks/pads
Player 2: Shoot G, V, LEFT SHIFT, Gamepad2 buttons
Player 2: Running around WASD, Gamepad2 sticks/pads

To use gamepads just connect. There is no configuration required. The game allows ALL pads/sticks and buttons of a gamepad to be used.

You can test keys and gamepads on page CONTROLS.

In "quick" mode setup screen adjust brain and speed levels with left/right arrow keys.

There are 8 moving directions. You move in the diagonals by pressing two keys: left/right and up/down.

There is only X for shooting. You also do the passing with it. Simple but you can do a lot with it.


The game was developed as native C++ Linux application, then transpiled to html5 utilizing the amazing emscripten.

All music made with a Novation Circuit. The ingame tunes are Pig Race, Eruptions and Revolution. You find the non-shortened tunes on the main page.

The nations differ not only in jersey colors :-) Their strengths are (hopefully) modeled to reality. If you play against Brazil it will be much more difficult than to play e.g. against Austria (no pun intended). If you choose a nation as your team you inherit their attributes.

For sure you will find your own playing style and ways to make goals or defend. But if you practiced a lot and still cannot win a tournament, find some hints here.

Version history

0.9 Initially released version.
0.91 Added two further tunes, Eruptions and Pig Race. Made the latter the default.
0.92 Added tune Victory to be heard after match win.
0.93 Fixed bugs which caused CPU goalkeeper making self goals.
0.94 Lowered volumes of "goal cheering crowd" and "sirene" sound.
0.99 Added two player mode. Added gamepad support. Added page CONTROLS where keys and gamepads can be tested. Added short tune for 2 player draw. Made ball a circle and added 3d rotating patches to it. Fixed player visibility order.