Beppigames FAQ

Lets keep this short.

Who is Beppigames ?


Me, Oliver Benedens. is my gamesite where I put up my creations, games and music.

Why this effort ?

I enjoy creating things. And maybe you enjoy playing/listening to them.

What kind of games ?

Creating what I like to play. Original retro games influenced by early 80s creations.

What kind of music ?

All kinds of dawless ad hoc creations made with a Novation Circuit. Not averse to humor ? Try Dracula Driving, Witching, Pig Race or Martian Fleet Arrived :-)

What platforms are supported for the games ?

HTML5. Note that most code is portable C++. I usually develop a internal Linux C++ version first, then transpile to HTML5 using emscripten. For some games I (still) provide old Android versions.

What game- or physics engines were used ?

Wrote my own. Have relaxed requirements. Regarding tools I used, have a look at the description of Curse Of Zipfelmuetz Game.

Can I play the HTML5 games offline ?

Yes of course. How to play downloaded HTML5 games.

Gamepad support ?

Most recent games with two player modes have gamepad support, e.g. Hyperactive Soccer 2 and Pond Hockey. Others are singleplayer and have only keyboard support but are optimized for it, e.g. Hyperactive Tennis and Curse Of Zipfelmuetz.

I need help for a game !

Find info on each games page (go to main page, then click the games icon).

Find hintbooks and solutions here.

What is the License for the games and music ?

My games and music are copyrighted by me with all rights reserved. I distribute my games and music so you can play and listen to them. You are not allowed to further disseminate them, e.g. by putting them on the net. You are not allowed to modify them or make derivative works based on them. Instead, share the link to this site ( or to the respective game page on this site.