Google Article 13 Issue

Recent YouTube CEO statements

"Article 13 as written threatens to shut down the ability of millions of people -- from creators like you to everyday users -- to upload content to platforms like YouTube,"

"And it threatens to block users in the EU from viewing content that is already live on the channels of creators everywhere."

Short Analysis

The following is what I make of it.

Problem on behalf of EU legislation

If one does misconduct in uploading stuff, he should be held responsible. The EU legislation additionally holds the hoster responsible who, in their opinion, could have been able to prevent it: They demand upload filter preventing misconducts. If one slips through they deem the technology imperfect and the hoster is responsible for it. This view, demanding failproof 100% detection rate filter technology and the immense technical effort they require from every hoster, is out of this world and is driven by copyright holders, the music and film industry.

Problem on behalf of Google

Google gives the impression there are big channels which they trust and small channels which cannot be trusted, they even seem to pretend that the small channel owners could not be identified. Therefore if article 13 becomes active, they will have to shutdown all EU small channels and can keep up only the large EU channels. They hide the fact that (a) small channel owners could be identified and (b) a large number of them uploads only the channel owners own original content creations (this is the case for my channel). For those cases a questionnaire should suffice where the channel owner just certifies this (=uploading only own original creations) by one click. Or, in other words, they should just treat small and large channel owners alike with respect to article 13. Seems they do not want to do that and they want to mobilize the small ones by threats of extinction in their dispute with EU legislation.

Further issue: I do not see the difference between YouTube and Google Play at all. If Googles argumentation holds true, they would also have to evict the small EU Google Play developers because those may not be identifiable/trust-able (enough) and may upload stolen apps or apps with stolen artwork etc. Or applies article 13 only where music and film industry have an incentive ? I do not see the difference between uploading my own original games to Google Play (x) or my own original music to YouTube.

Summarized in this case I do not trust EU legislation and Google. Both seem not to care for the small channels and their content creators.

(x) footnote: This was hypothetically. I no longer publish games there because (a) there is no vote aggregation before issuing a rating, (b) core of the system is making users feel empowered by giving 1-star no comment or non-helpful comment ratings, (c) users with mental 5 star filter, (d) it makes concessions to those competitive types, (e) they fuel the business of marketing companies and (f) the only effective ways to repair damage inflicted by their system are not acceptable (to me). I want that system being fixed but I am minority.

Oliver Benedens, 4.12.2018